Monday, August 23, 2010


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ESFP - The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.


Interesting to read the analysis, graph and true mostly!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Passport Renewal Story

My passport is getting expired early next year. I thought of renewing it now just in case if there is a delay in getting my new one. Filled up the application online and made an appointment at Indian Consulate, NY on Wed. Since I chose the date, I thought it would be a simple process of visiting the office and submitting all documents. It took almost a day to finish that process and getting back home on Wed..sigh!

There were two kutty rooms in the consulate office and there were people all over the room. I had no idea where to stand, which counter is for what for the first few minutes. I don't know how this resource and infrastructure would suffice for serving people in so many states around NY. idhu orae oru office dhaan for NY, NJ, Ohio, CT etc etc. hhmmm.

After checking and rechecking (:)) all documents, I started waiting for my turn. My token number was 686 and the number displayed there was 612. appavae therinju pochu, inaiku ingha dhaanu :-)

There were lot of complaints from people who were waiting there and looked like a few were coming to the consulate for the 3rd or 4th time because of some reason (lack of documentation of what is required, rejection, delay in serving etc etc). The security and the officers who work there were having a rude face for some reason. avangha dhaan elaamae nu nenachutu irukaangha. pidikaama dhaan velai seiraanghunu theriyuthu. omg. And, 2 or 4 members (public) were fighting (and shouting) in the counter for not letting them know about the need for some documents during their previous visit and asking them to come again. One lady said that another applicant's docs were accepted because of "some connection" (thats exactly what she said) inside the office. After talking between themselves, they accepted her application. typical namma ooru govt office (inghayumaa?!!).

After listening to those stories, I wanted to get my work done the same day and avoid coming again and waiting in that not-enough-standing (leave alone seating) room. I had the money order for renewal fee and took cash for the postal fee. I read in the website that NY consulate accept cash but not other consulates in US. So, I felt like reassuring with the help desk lady. Kaetadhae nalladha pochu, she said that they accept either cash OR money order - only one mode of payment not both from a person. WTH. I dont know what difference does it make in their system. podhaa koraiku, I had only 35$ in cash as I thought that would be enough for the day.
illana, fulla cash pay panitu, apram money order refund pani irukaalam.

Current token number paatha 630 or something. I asked the security and couple of guys over there if there is any USPS nearby to take the money order. No one knew. My iPhone was a BIG help then. I found a USPS office at .25 miles. I came out and started walking as I felt it was close by. It was only 5 streets away but 5 avenues down the street. Ugh!

I didn't know it was 5 avenues down the road. When I looked at the number it was in 20's. so, 217 (USPS) varathuku inum evlo dhooramonu nenachu, oru cab eduthen (after crossing 3 ave). paatha bulb u :-) cab erina udanae oru avenue thaandi, full traffic. The cab driver said the USPS building was in the left. Time illadhanala, I got out and started walking. idhuku nadanthae vanthu irukaalamnu siripu :-)

I took the money order and it was 11.30am. The consulate closes at 12.15 and they don't allow anyone after that (at least they serve all applicants who has the token until the end of the day - thats a big relief). I took a cab again to go back to consulate.

When I went back the number on the display was 650. I waited for another hour to get my turn. When my token number was displayed, two counters were handling request, so I went to the 3rd counter and said hello to the person on the other side. She was working on some documents and she didnt even look at me. Again I said "excuse me, is this counter closed?". She didn't respond at all. Ugh! Then, the other counter was free and then I went there. At least the other lady should have a "Closed" board in her counter or respond to the person. oh God!

btw, I noticed that the employees speak in Hindi thinking that all Indians speak/know Hindi. huh! After getting all docs, she gave me a piece of paper with USPS tracking number scribbled on it and said that my new passport will be shipped next Tuesday. After coming home, I was wondering that I didn't even get a receipt from them and I am without passport now :D how scary :-)

And, today when I checked that paper for USPS tracking number, then I saw the lightly printed number and passport renewal application receipt (sort of). LOL :)) emba konjam ink oothi dhaan print panrathu :D


Saturday, May 15, 2010

After a year ...

I am thinking of blogging again ;-) Let me see how it goes.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ippadiyum sila manidhargal

We are looking for alliances for my sister. We get to know a lot of people, families in this process. Some are really good to know and we feel part of their family. Some are weird and we are happy that they show their attitude now and not later. Sila per solrathu elaam sirichutu vitudalaamnu thonum. Sila per solrathu hurting'a irukum.

A few dialogues that we came across:

* After exchanging the family details, photo, horoscope, phone calls, our Josiyar said that a guy's horoscope is not suitable. But payan veetla jaadhagam elaam nalla irukunu sonaangha. So, we arranged for a meet, and the guy was so weird in his activities (needs a separate post). 2/3 days naangha elaam yosichutu, my mom called the guy's father and told that we will not be able to take this further. That gentle man is a lawyer, so he was so commanding in the whole process.
He immediately shouted and said "evlo problems unghalalaa. payan photo kaekareengha, email id kaekereengha, torture paniteengha".

* Another pen paarkum padalam. Payan amma, appa, paati, chithi, chithappa, mama etc everyone came to see my sis. At the end, my mom asked them when it would be possible for us to meet the groom.
payan paati: oh unghaluku payana paakanumaaa?
my mom: ??!?!!

* Recent'a we got 3-4 profiles from a matrimony center. Amma dhaan oru list pottu, elaar details'um ezhuthi, fulla maintain panitu irukaangha. Once the horoscope matched, she called a groom's father, to ask for the guy's recent photo.
His father: "unghaluku idha munaadiyae en payan expectation solanum"
Amma (wondering): oh ponnu education/work expectation irukaangha?
Father: "ennana, avan daily'ae oru oru foreign country ku pora maathri velai irukum. Veedu kooda vaangitaan. So, avan status ku ponnu irukanumnu nenaikaraan."
Amma (still confused): oh apdineenghala
FAther: "adhaan oru Flat'um oru car'um ponuku koduthurungha"
Amma (manasula sirichutae): "apdeenghala..saringha, photo paathutu naan apram pesaren"

She marked a X mark for this guy in her list :-) (phone'la idha solrappa sema comedya irunthathu).

Ippadiyum inum makkal irukaangha. OMG!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Interior Decoration

Busy home cleaning this Sunday. I am a cleanliness freak. I do a mini house cleaning everyday and major cleaning once in a month or when I have guests or whenever I see the need for it - whichever comes earlier. April - May school courses got over on Saturday and another couple of courses have started today. So, I had Sunday off, and I took the cleaning task.

In the middle of cleaning, I felt that the arrangement of things in the hall was boring (1.5 yrs'a adhae place) and wondered if I could change it. (I was watching Design on a Dime show on HGTV, may be that was the reason :p). I am a fan of 'freestyle' show too. I used to watch when I came to USA but not anymore. Is this show coming these days? So, A and I had a quick layout discussion (ahem!) and finally changed the direction of couch, dining table, coffee table and TV. Wow, quite refreshing! etho pudhu place'la iruka feeling.

I love to learn the interior decoration techniques. There are lot of ways of doing things. But when we study the field, we know the right way of doing things or at least know why we are doing something. I realized this from my Web Design classes.

Have a great week,

Thursday, May 07, 2009

It's show time

Ah, finally bought a car this year :-) habba, evlo search and research work for this task. We booked the car (Honda Civic LX 2007 model) last month and got the car home last Saturday. It was a journey buying the car itself and other stuff like insurance, title transfer, taking driving lessons, bringing the car home, resident parking permit..ssss abbaaa kanna kattadha korai dhaan.

inimae car journey supera irukumnu nenaikaren. I am soooo excited :-) I love driving and especially on a cloudy/rainy day playing my fav songs - woooo :-)

Thanks to my friends and a very special thanks to Me for all his time and patience in replying to my queries. Thank you so much, Me!